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Most advanced real-time online monitoring platform

adCuality is the first and most advanced ad monitoring technology. We monitor most AD formats in desktop and Web Mobile with the maximum coverage and historical data for LATAM and the unique reliable methodology.

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Whether you work on the sales side or the buying side of advertising, we help you become more effective and efficient. Your clients and competitors in one place!

Real-time 24x7 Advertising Monitoring

How does it works



The Engine retrieves ads by crawling websites.

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The captured ads are automatically classified by our algorithm.

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The classified ads form the core of our data.

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Websites monitored every day




Monitored by our technology




Of social networks monitored every day




Digital ads monitored every day

Global Coverage

Coverage in different countries.

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Given the lack of data that supports the strategic decisions of media, agencies, and advertisers, we understood that it was necessary to create a tool that provides visibility through an open, transparent, validated, easy-to-understand, and real-time monitoring system. For these reasons, we created adCuality.

Yes! You can access the platform through any type of device. Additionally, we have an API module that allows you to download the information according to your needs, whether in an Excel spreadsheet or any other format you require.

To access the information, simply have a login and password and visit the page: www.adcuality.com/login.

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