• Hunter Engine

Display, Search, Social Media & Mobile Monitoring in Real Time

  • Publishers

    adCuality for Publishers

    Increase your ad-sales through knowing where advertisers spend their money with high accuracy in real time

  • Agencies

    adCuality for Agencies

    Maximize your business with strategic information for: Enrich your Media Plans, Win Pitches and Value added for your existing customers

  • Advertisers

    adCuality for Advertisers

    Know all about the marketing strategy of your competitors: Media Planning Strategy, Product Campaign and Special offers Strategy, and more than 100 reports available

How it works

  • Hunter Engine

    Hunter Engine


    The Hunter Engine navigates persistently more than 10,000 publishers 24x7 getting the ads and taking the screenshots for certification

  • Hunter Algorithm

    Hunter Algorithm


    The Hunter Algorithm decompiles the ad source code and predict the advertiser and product by reading that code and the MD5 of screenshot

  • End-user reporting platform

    End-user reporting platform


    Each ad is automatically classified and shown on the end user platform to get precise reports.

Some of our more than 100 clients in America

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